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Ultimate Gymnastics offers competitive gymnastics through USAG's XCEL program:

  • Pre Team (2 Hrs/week)

  • Bronze (4 Hrs/week)

  • Silver/Gold (8 Hrs/week)

XCEL is an alternative USA Gymnastics competitive program offering individual flexibility to coaches and gymnasts. Athletes are able to individualize their routines to highlight their strengths. This differs from USAG compulsories where each gymnast is required to perform the exact same routines.

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Over-training is the number one reason gymnasts leave our sport. Our Competitive Program provides our gymnasts with ample time for school responsibilities, family activities and an outside life with friends.

Prep-Op Team

  • Prep-Op Team (11 Hrs/week)

Athletes who qualify and wish to prepare for higher level gymnastics may join our Prep-Op Team. This team seeks to score out of USAG compulsory levels 4 & 5 so they can compete at Level 6 - which is known as Optionals - where, like XCEL, athletes are able to customize their routines.


  • Optionals Team (11 Hrs/week)

Our highest level girls compete USAG Levels 6-8 where, like XCEL, athletes are able to customize their routines..

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